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Closing Press Conference

It was a happy yet melancholy affair today at the Halekulani as HIFF held it’s closing press conference.  Like the cast of a stage production on it’s closing night, or bedtime prayers Christmas evening, we are so thankful for the gifts, but sad to see it pass; happy it happened […]

The Price of Sex

Across the globe there is waxing hot the blazing fires of a sordid industry: sex-trafficking. The Price of Sex is a documentary project my Mimi Chakarova which spans over two continents, six nations and ten years of investigative work.  It focuses specifically on the migration of eastern European women to […]

‘Don’t ask, Don’t tell’

Last Thursday I was once again reminded on how broad the impact of HIFF is and how relevant many of its showings are. ‘Chasing Rainbows’ is a movie that seeks the ‘real truth’ in the debate around same-sex marriages and is exceedingly applicable to last week’s news; it premiered on […]