Toto Teaches Us All the Value of the American Dream

The American Dream symbolizes success and happiness. We all want it. We all strive for it. But what exactly is it? In the film Toto, David (Blake Boyd) tells Toto (Sid Lucero) that the American Dream is “the freedom to live however you want.” Isn’t that something everybody (regardless of being an American or not) wants? Throughout the film, we […]

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Cast Members of Toto

Walang Anuman: A Toto Film Review

Toto portrays the life of Antonio “Toto,” who is struggling to find a way to get to America in order to help his family, especially his brother and sister, by sending them money. Toto also portrays life as a Filipino and life in the Philippines in an accurate manner. Although the film does have some stereotypes—such as the Filipino accent […]

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