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Print idea for HIFF: Collaboration with Bank of Hawaii

My print idea for HIFF focuses on reaching more tourists. Through my experience at HIFF, I noticed that not a lot of tourists were attending the festival, at least not as many as could have been. By collaborating with a bank, in this example Bank of Hawaii, since they have the most ATM´s in Honolulu (Waikiki), it is possible to […]

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HIFF Extreme Features

‘HIFF Extreme’ Featured and Sponsored by Chinatown Newspaper

Here is a look at the featured HIFF stories covered in the most recent release of Chinatown Newspaper, distributed in Honolulu, Portland OR, and San Francisco! You can also catch Nella Media Group’s Chinatown publication at It is a raw, edgy and comical read that explores the markets of arts, culture, and community! Enjoy 🙂 Emily G. Nguyen

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A Royal Affair – A Danish Masterpiece

A Royal Affair   Directed by Nikolaj Arcel. 128 minutes.   Danish films could be said to be the best of Scandinavian films. ´A Royal Affair` confirms that the Danish movie industry knows what they’re doing. A love story combined with a game of politics is a good recipe for an exciting movie, and basing it on true events it […]

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The Artist

A silent film set in the great depression, The Artist, features a successful actor, George Valentine, of the silent film era. A successful film career turns for the worse when the great depression hits and the actor refuses to participate in the new talking films which are now popular among the public. From riches to rags we follow the actor […]

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Everybody should see that movie! It was extremely good, pretty grotesque, but that was how the book was too. I don’t however understand why they say its a Danish movie, the only Danish about that movie was the one actor. Other than that it was filmed in Oslo and it was all the top Norwegian actors. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

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KS Alumni Glee Club @HIFF Sunset on the Beach-Waikiki

I attended the Sunset on the Beach that was dedicated to HIFF’s film “One Voice.” I heard a lot about this movie and wanted to see what it was all about.  While waiting for the film to start they had entertainment such as Kamehameha local band “Keahou” and the Kamehameha Alumni Glee Club.  The video your about to see is […]

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