The transformation of Gaza’s surf youth!

The film Gaza Surf Club expresses ever so beautifully the progressive journey to a hope which starts and ends on the coastal waters of Gaza. The films bright characters are what creates for a captivating story of loss, hope, unity, and the ability to be free in a war torn area. The film follows mainly the life of a 23 […]

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The Growing, Digital Fire that is HIFF

This year was Hawaii International Film Festival’s 36th Anniversary, and I could not have been more excited to attend. Last year in 2015 was my first time attending HIFF, and I had the experience of a lifetime as I attended the opening ceremony, where I met many HIFF associates and several inspiring business partners that I will know for a […]

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Trespass Against Us

Trespass Against Us is a British crime drama film that is directed by Adam Smith and written by Alastair Siddons. The film stars has some big names, the only one I knew though was Michael Fassbender. Not a bad actor/performance. Well done Michael. Interestingly, I found out that the film has been selected to be screened in the Special Presentations section at the 2016 Toronto International […]

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The Freedom to Marry – A Journey Towards Same Sex Marriage

The Freedom to Marry is a documentary film directed by Eddie Rosenstein that follows the journey of the same sex marriage movement in the United States. Evan Wolfson founded the campaign “Freedom to Marry” back in 2003 with the intent to get equality for all no matter who you love. As we all know, back in 2015 in the Supreme Court case […]

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Hikawa Maru Still

Hikawa Maru Review

HIKAWA MARU!!!!! A fascinating story, based on a true story, of a boy who dreams to work aboard the fantastic cruise liner, the Hikawa Maru! I never thought I would learn as much as I did from an anime that was based on a true story of a Japanese cruise liner history and its connections with other countries including the […]

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YOSEMITE Lives in James Franco’s Childhood

By Silje Solland (Ebert Young Writers Participant) Set in 1985 and based on James Franco’s short stories from his collections, A California Childhood &Palo Alto, Yosemite is a visually stunning 4-part story about three boys exploring their feelings and imagination as they face the reality of adulthood and the threat of a mountain lion. Director Gabrielle Demesteree’s debut feature film manages […]

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Miss India America Misses the Mark

I had the opportunity to watch the Hawaii premiere of Miss India America, directed by Ravi Kapoor. The ninety-five minute film was about valedictorian, perfectionist and winner at all costs, Lily Prasad. Her seemingly perfect life comes crashing down when her boyfriend, Karim, breaks up with her for the reigning winner of Miss India National. Always being number one, Lily […]

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The Legend – A Legendary Film

“London in the 1960s, everyone had a story about the Krays. They were twins. Reggie was a gangster prince of East End. Ronnie Kray was a one-man mob, and he was certified insane.” With an opening like this, I knew The Legend was going to be an unforgettable film. The movie told the story of the rise and fall of […]

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Gangsters, guns, and lifetime grudges – Tom Hardly brilliantly brings to life both Ron and Reggie Kray, twin gangsters in London set in the 1960’s in Legend, written and directed by Brian Helgeland, Right off the bat, the aesthetics of Legend, from the composition of the shots, to the intricacy of the sets, to the tonality of the colors–instantly won […]

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Here is a short video from the world premiere of Pali Road. After the screening, HIFF invited to a Q&A session with producer Jonathan Lim, and the actors Jackson Rathbone, Henry Ian Cusick, Lauren Sweetser and Maddox Lim. I wasn’t aware of this Q&A part, so the only camera I had was my GoPro.

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#MyHIFFMoment: Pali Road

The American/Chinese film Pali Road is nominated “Best Narrative Feature” at HIFF this year, and it had its world premiere at the film festival this week. What I did not know was that the main actors actually were present, and that they were doing a Q&A session afterwards. I’ll admit this might have influenced my film review, because I found myself […]

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