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Best Extreme Film, Fresh Meat!!

I got to enjoy the comedy horror Fresh Meat, in the words of director Danny Mulheron, “a tasteless subject in the most tasteful way possible.” Which it really was, at first I was hesitant after “lesbian and cannibalism” were its main points of description. BUT once the film started, I was […]

Going Extreme, HIFF Extreme!

Extreme Films

As a student and intern with Nella Media Group the films I’m attending are those that made it to HIFF Extreme! Sponsoring this category of films, catch me with the crew at all extreme movies this week… Films I endured so far were Dead Sushi and Fresh Meat: Flying killer sushi, […]

Splinters Poster

I composed my own poster for Adam Pesce’s Splinters, who won Halekulani Golden Award for Best Documentary of the Hawaii International Film Festival.  I just grabbed a number of photos that were taken by other photographers and compiled them together to make a collage.


I came up with my own HPU@HIFF poster and tried to incorporate what Hawaii is known for in using the silhouette of the hula dancer to the left.  Seeing as the Hawaii International Film Festival is a festival for film, I also tried to bring out the aspect of film […]