“The Dance of Two Left Feet” – Film Review

I would like to start this off by saying I absolutely loved this film. What first drew me to this film was that it was originally filmed in the Philippines and the main language of the film was in Tagalog with English subtitles. As a Filipino, I wouldn’t mind learning about my culture through the media, especially in the means […]

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Stan Lee

“With Great Power: The Stan Lee Story” – Film Review

BIFF! BOOM! POW! It wouldn’t be surprising if you first thought of comic book superheroes when you first read those three words. Big comic book fan? “With Great Power: The Stan Lee Story” is definitely a film to see. This is  no way a boring documentary about any old guy. Stan Lee is one of the most animated people you […]

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Wrap Up

At the 2011 Hawaiian International Film Festival many amazing films were shown. If it were possible to see them all, I would have! Unfortunately, my schedule only permitted me to see “The Salt of Life,” “The Woman in the Septic Tank,” and “A People Uncounted.” I choose each film for a different reason. The Salt of Life took place in […]

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Wrapping Up My HIFF Experience

During this year’s film festival I chose to see four different movies; Paradise Broken, Almost Perfect, Bob Marley: The Making of a Legend, and SENNA. The reason for why I chose these films were because I wanted a variety of genres to be able to get a little taste of everything. The very first film I decided to see was […]

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Dance of the Two Left Feet – A Film Review

My friend Sami and I decided to go see ‘The Dance of the Two Left Feet’ almost as soon as we had the brochure in our hands. We flipped through it as we sat outside of the Cheesecake Factory and both went ‘I want to see this’ at practically the same time. Of course, the fact that I love watching […]

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Wrap Analysis

1. How many and what films did you see? I saw 5 films: Return Ticket, A Letter to Momo, Patang, Kid with a Bike, and Full Metal Alchemist: Sacred Star of Milos (FMA:SSoM). 2. Why did you choose those particular films? Return ticket was just to pass the time until A Letter to Momo. A Letter to Momo’s description bragged about […]

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Scene from Vacancy

My Final Word on HIFF

At this year’s HIFF, I saw a total of four films. The films that I saw, in order, were 6B, Paradise Broken, With Great Power: The Stan Lee Story, and Patang. I chose 6B and Paradise Broken because they were filmed in Hawaii and told real local stories. Another big reason I chose these films is that Hawaii author Chris […]

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Madeleine Bergstrand

What do you think about HIFF? – Video Report

A few short interviews and reviews from the visitors at Hawaii International Film Festival

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