HIFF 2016 Opening

HIFF Fall 2016 Final Recap!

I watched three movies during the Hawaii International Film Festival Fall 2016. They were “Headshot”, “Given + Aloha for Indo”, and “Bittersweet”. I chose those particular movies because Headshot and Aloha for Indo are related to Indonesia, the country I am from, and Bittersweet is a Japanese movie about food so I thought that it would be fun. The first […]

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Praise for Prison Dogs

Prison Dogs is a documentary that will make you fall in love from start to finish. The film is set in a rural New York prison in Fishkill, NY, where the inmates there are paired with a golden retriever or lab, for a program called “Puppies Behind Bars.” After a process of evaluation, the chosen inmates are presented with the […]

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Bittersweet (JPN)

Another movie that I saw today is “Bittersweet”, a Japanese movie about a oman named Maki (Haruna Kawaguchi) who hates vegetables and single but she has a crush on a vegetarian and gay guy named Nagisa (Kento Hayashi). After blackmailing Nagisa, Maki moved in to Nagisa’s house and they learned a lot about each other. The storyline is unique, it is […]

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Aloha for Indo + Given

I saw three movies today at the Hawaii International Film Festival (HIFF) 2016. The first movie was “Given + Aloha for Indo”, I did not know that it was two different movies.   They played “Aloha for Indo” first. It is a short documentary movie about 3 surfers from Kauai that went to Sumba, Indonesia to help them by bringing […]

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Gaza Surf Club

When everything else has been destroyed, the most powerful tool for reconstruction is hope. The people of Gaza have to fight everyday to maintain this tool of hope. Stuck between Egypt and Israel, with blockades on both sides, the people of Gaza are in constant danger of war and limited supplies. One escape from daily threats and reality is offered […]

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Review: “A Piece of the Cake”

In stark contrast to the pristine images of Vanuatu I’ve seen in magazines like National Geographic, “A Piece of the Cake” shows viewers that life in this Melanesian island nation is not always a Pacific paradise. Directed by Peter Donovan Walker, “A Piece of the Cake” (Yumi Go Kale) tells the story of Betty, a teenager who wants to complete […]

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Things to Come

In THINGS TO COME, Nathalie, a philosophy teacher, finds herself caught in a tidal wave of both past and present. From the very beginning of the movie, we are introduced to her everyday contrasts between the passionate youth of her students and the painful and ill age of her mother. We see the differences between her crumbling interaction with her […]

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Prison Dogs – A Movie Sure to Make you Tear up

Today I went to go see my first film to kick off my 2016 HIFF experience, and man was it a good choice! The film I chose to go see was a documentary called Prison Dogs. And yes, I was biased and went to see it because it had the word “dog” in the title. But that was not the […]

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A Clean Start in Pahoa

What does Aloha truly mean for the Hawaiian natives? Love, presence, sharing, harmony and peace are some answers. Its true meaning was experienced in the town Pahoa on the Big Island after the 2014 eruption of Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano. The story that followed is about people accepting their faith and honoring Mother Nature’s will. On April 7, the premiere of […]

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