Wrap Analysis: HIFF 2016

This year at HIFF 2016 I watched three movies, Prison Dogs, That Demon Within, and The Freedom to Marry. I chose Prison Dogs because anything with dogs interest me. That Demon Within was a convenient movie for myself due to it being screened at HPU. I saw the trailer swell and although I am not much of an action movie […]

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“That Demon Within”: Its Fire…Literally

That Demon Within is a thriller that takes the good, the bad, and the ugly and meshes them all together in this action packed movie. Main character Dave Wong was a policeman in Hong Kong until his life changed when he donated blood to the leader of a street demon gang (Hon), which saved his life. They are considered demons […]

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After experiencing the Hawaii International Film Festival first hand, I thought it would be a great idea to make a video explaining the process of how one goes about attending the films. Some people may not be familiar with the 10-day event. So, a video to show people where to go to look through movie choices, where to purchase tickets […]

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The main idea for this film review came to me when I decided to watch a movie, but the idea of doing a conventional written review felt wrong for this. One of my classes at HPU focus on analyzing movies to gain a greater understanding, but these things often leads to studying the film prior to seeing it. Some may […]

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YOSEMITE Lives in James Franco’s Childhood

By Silje Solland (Ebert Young Writers Participant) Set in 1985 and based on James Franco’s short stories from his collections, A California Childhood &Palo Alto, Yosemite is a visually stunning 4-part story about three boys exploring their feelings and imagination as they face the reality of adulthood and the threat of a mountain lion. Director Gabrielle Demesteree’s debut feature film manages […]

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A Bollywood take on Hamlet

I am not Indian nor of Indian descent, but I have travelled a bit in India and thereby created a penchant for Bollywood films. I have seen a few Bollywood films and yes – they are defiantly different from the big Hollywood productions but they have there own charm. The experience of watching a Bollywood film at an Indian cinema […]

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Hang Loose was drop dead funny!

I saw the movie Hang Loose by Kevin Wu on Sunday October 21st at 3:15. The theater was so packed when we got there that people were standing to watch the film and Nina and I had to ask some people to arrange their seating so we could even sit next to each other. Those seats were the very first […]

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ATM money

Print idea for HIFF: Collaboration with Bank of Hawaii

My print idea for HIFF focuses on reaching more tourists. Through my experience at HIFF, I noticed that not a lot of tourists were attending the festival, at least not as many as could have been. By collaborating with a bank, in this example Bank of Hawaii, since they have the most ATM´s in Honolulu (Waikiki), it is possible to […]

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Cloud Atlas

Cloud Atlas – Exercise for your brain!

Every once in a while, there are movies that don´t end with the credits. They follow you out of the cinema, and stick with you for a while. They don´t follow the same damn Hollywood trademark pattern that is so washed out, the colors have disappeared twice. Every once in a while there are movies that take you deep inside […]

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