My First HIFF Moment: HIFF Opening Press Conference

HONOLULU, HI October 30, 2014. The HIFF Opening Press Conference was held at the Halekulani Hotel, Waikiki. It was the first press conference I have ever been attending. Hawaii Film Festival is properly not the most famous film festival, at least not for the Europeans. But HIFF is the festival where the east meets the west, in the middle of […]

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ATM money

Print idea for HIFF: Collaboration with Bank of Hawaii

My print idea for HIFF focuses on reaching more tourists. Through my experience at HIFF, I noticed that not a lot of tourists were attending the festival, at least not as many as could have been. By collaborating with a bank, in this example Bank of Hawaii, since they have the most ATM´s in Honolulu (Waikiki), it is possible to […]

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Cloud Atlas

Cloud Atlas – Exercise for your brain!

Every once in a while, there are movies that don´t end with the credits. They follow you out of the cinema, and stick with you for a while. They don´t follow the same damn Hollywood trademark pattern that is so washed out, the colors have disappeared twice. Every once in a while there are movies that take you deep inside […]

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Eurocinema – a night with the stars

Such a great privilege getting to attend an amazing event like this, where you get to mingle with the promising talents of the future as well as many already established great persons of various areas. The night started out with a fashionable walk on the red carpet, where celebrities popped up every once in a while, such as Taylor Wiley […]

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Composer´s workshop

Film Composer´s world

Went to the beautiful Royal Hawaiian to attend this creative workshop featuring international composer agent (from Greece) George Christopoulos and Emmy Award winning composer Richard Bellis. To be honest, I misunderstood what “Film Composer” meant, and thought I was gonna see a presentation on how to make movies, not how to make music for movies. I was a bit disappointed… That being […]

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Extreme Films

Going Extreme, HIFF Extreme!

As a student and intern with Nella Media Group the films I’m attending are those that made it to HIFF Extreme! Sponsoring this category of films, catch me with the crew at all extreme movies this week… Films I endured so far were Dead Sushi and Fresh Meat: Flying killer sushi, a man with a tuna fish head and Japanese guests […]

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The giant, rock hard body gives a nice contrast to his shy and soft heart

Teddy Bear – emotionally gripping movie about an increasing “trend” in Scandinavia

Teddy Bear is about a very shy bodybuilder from Denmark who travels to Thailand to try and find the love of his life. He has a mother who is overprotective and extremely jealous and strict, outstandingly acted by Elsebeth Steentoft, so he has to lie about where he is going. The movie is almost without a movie-score, and does what […]

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That First Time…

Last night, HIFF took me to Japan. I had the opportunity of watching two contemporary films by Japanese directors. Looking back at the evening, I would have to say the free parking really helped boost my experience! I got to the theatres earlier than I had anticipated, so I headed to the lounge across the street. It was pretty empty; […]

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