HIFF 2012 Experience

Here’s a slideshow I made that includes some pics I took from my experiences at HIFF this year. I had a lot of fun at this year’s HIFF. I’m so glad that HPU and HIFF decided to partner up and allow students to experience HIFF. It was definitely a great opportunity for me to learn more about this type of […]

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The Sapphires

During the opening ceremonies of Hawaiian International Film Festival (HIFF) at the Rum Fire Waikiki, the film “The Sapphires” was mentioned a lot. It was the opening movie for the film festival. The Australian film has been applauded by critics for it’s catchy tunes and that the girls in the film are actually doing the singing. At this, I am not […]

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Cloud Atlas

Cloud Atlas – Exercise for your brain!

Every once in a while, there are movies that don´t end with the credits. They follow you out of the cinema, and stick with you for a while. They don´t follow the same damn Hollywood trademark pattern that is so washed out, the colors have disappeared twice. Every once in a while there are movies that take you deep inside […]

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Eurocinema – a night with the stars

Such a great privilege getting to attend an amazing event like this, where you get to mingle with the promising talents of the future as well as many already established great persons of various areas. The night started out with a fashionable walk on the red carpet, where celebrities popped up every once in a while, such as Taylor Wiley […]

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HIFF Flyer

HIFF stands for the Hawaii International Film Festival and it lives up to its name.  They include films from all over the world which portray many different cultures.  Hawaii is known for being a diverse place, which makes it the perfect place to hold such a film festival such as HIFF.  Watching a movie from a different culture allows people […]

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Chasing Ice Review

  People say a picture is worth a thousand words. That is what National Geographic photographer-scientist James Balog is betting on will change the minds of a few climate-change skeptics who view this film. Chasing ice documents the rapid retreat of glaciers, which Balog calls “the canary in coal mine” for climate change. The opening scene of the documentary takes […]

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