It’s a Wrap! A summary of My HIFF Moments

The 35th Annual Hawaii International Film Festival is over, and I have had a great time. I’m glad I got the opportunity to participate in the festival, which was presented by Halekulani and ran from November 12th to November 22th. I attended the screenings of three films, 45 years, Throuple and Pali Road. I also watched the short film Technical […]

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#MyHIFFMoment: Pali Road

The American/Chinese film Pali Road is nominated “Best Narrative Feature” at HIFF this year, and it had its world premiere at the film festival this week. What I did not know was that the main actors actually were present, and that they were doing a Q&A session afterwards. I’ll admit this might have influenced my film review, because I found myself […]

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Film review: Throuple

The American film Throuple had its world premiere on HIFF this weekend, and I went to watch the film yesterday. Film location is here in Hawaii, filmed on Big Island, which I thought was pretty cool. The director has taken advantage of the surroundings using tide pools, beaches, volcanos and Hawaiian nature as important parts of the setting. The film […]

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Love and the Gun: “Slow West”

In the late 19th and early 20th century, America still consisted of vast stretches of wilderness, waiting to be settled by crusading European settlers or battled upon by warring native tribes. Families protected each other in these areas of practical lawlessness in order to ensure their family name’s survival in the New World while looking still for new opportunities to […]

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All good things must come to an end; HIFF wrap up

The Fall 2014 Hawaii International Film Festival was successful to say the least. During the festival I attended the opening press conference and three Films; Stations of the Cross, Kabukicho Love Hotel, and Mary Kom. There were more films that I wanted to see like Beyond the Surface, Imitation Game, and others, but those films either didn’t fit with my schedule or they were sold […]

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HIFF: Pixar’s Lava

A full house was on hand Friday night at the IBM Building courtyard in Kaka’ako for the Hawai’i International Film Festival premiere of Pixar’s latest animated short Lava, produced by Andrea Warren and directed by James Murphy Ford. Lava is a musical love story that takes place over millions of years as a lonely volcano in the vast Pacific Ocean longs for […]

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Mary Kom

Respect the Gloves: A Review of Mary Kom

This Saturday after seeing Kabukicho Love Hotel, I stuck around and was wowed by Mary Kom. The way the film was shot, the acting skills the characters displayed, and the overall story had me so enthralled into the plot, that I felt I was transported to India and was watching this woman’s life in fast forward. Mary Kom was an incredible […]

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Kabukicho Love Hotel

Dangerous work: A review of Kabukicho Love Hotel

This Saturday, I saw a double feature of Kabukicho Love Hotel and Mary Kom. I started off with Kabukicho Love Hotel, and it was not what I was expecting, to say the least. Kabukicho Love Hotel is about a hotel in Japan that is primarily used for sex. They deal with pornography, prostitution, cheating, and it is very dangerous work. The story follows […]

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Warriors of God: A Review of Stations of the Cross

Today at 3:30, I saw my first film of the Hawaii International Film Festival. I am upset I haven’t had time to make it to any previous ones, but I felt like Stations of the Cross was a good starting point for the rest of the films to come. The film started off with a view of the priest sitting […]

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Marcia Gay Harden

HIFF: Connecting the East and West Through Film

This Thursday, I had the honor of receiving a full press pass to the Hawaii International Film Festival, and it was truly a memorable experience. This was my first press conference and film festival I have ever intended, making my naive curiosity intrigued from the start. Once I completed one of the most important aspects- figuring out what to wear to my first press conference for […]

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HIFF Extreme Features

‘HIFF Extreme’ Featured and Sponsored by Chinatown Newspaper

Here is a look at the featured HIFF stories covered in the most recent release of Chinatown Newspaper, distributed in Honolulu, Portland OR, and San Francisco! You can also catch Nella Media Group’s Chinatown publication at chinatownnewspaper.com. It is a raw, edgy and comical read that explores the markets of arts, culture, and community! Enjoy 🙂 Emily G. Nguyen

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