Reaching New Heights!

NEWS RELEASE Carina Lara, HPU B.A. Communication   October 26, 2016 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   REACHING NEW HEIGHTS! The HIFF Press Conference at the Halekulani launches HIFF 2016 HONOLULU, HAWAII – Executive Director of HIFF Robert Lambeth starts off the Press Conference on the right foot. The 6 foot tall Executive Director proudly presents this years incredible 2016 Hawaii International […]

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Get your tissues ready! Film premiere of Lion

Wednesday| November 09, 2016 By: Carina Lara   “We owe it to the Director“        A captivating tender hearted story that was beautifully and accurately portrayed. We owe it to the Director. Thank you for bringing to light the unseen and for capturing the beauty of the forgotten and most often looked over individuals. “Bringing to light the unseen” On […]

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Fire at Sea didn’t light my fire

Fire at Sea was the second film I had attended on Sunday at HIFF this year. It was the only film I had seen that was not originally set in English, but in Italian.. with English subtitles. It  was a documentary type film that was directed by Gianfranco Rosi. Fire at Sea has some great reviews out on the ole […]

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Moonlight A+

One of the films I attended during HIFF this year on Oahu was Moonlight. It made me really glad I did. Moonlight, directed by Barry Jenkins was set in Florida about an underprivileged boy called Chiron (pronounced shy-ROWN). Chiron was different from the other boys and he was always being picked on whilst growing up. He had little emotional support until […]

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The 36th annual Hawaii International Film Festival, What a blast!

During the 36th annual Hawaii International Film Festival I watched three movies. Two of them: Finding Kukan, and Prison Dogs were documentaries, while the last one That Demon Within was an action movie. The reason for my choice of movies was that for Finding Kukan I was involved in the making of its film premiere poster. Also talking to the […]

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Zander and Demitri Arm Wrestling

What Fool These Mortals Be: A Film Review of A Midsummer’s Hawaiian Dream

One of Shakespeare’s famous plays, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, was adapted into a modern rendition titled A Midsummer’s Hawaiian Dream, which takes place in Hawaii, specifically Kauai (but the film was filmed on Oahu). I was ecstatic when I found out this film was playing because because A Midsummer Night’s Dream was the first Shakespeare play that I enjoyed reading and […]

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Review: “A Midsummer’s Hawaiian Dream”

Shakespeare meets Hawaii in this twist of the famous ‘A Midsummer’s Night Dream’. This take on Shakespeare is one that weaves in a love story mixed with the fight to keep the natural beauty of the island of Kauai from being destroyed by modern development. The writer and director take you on a journey with a typical love story yet […]

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Hikawa Maru Still

Hikawa Maru Review

HIKAWA MARU!!!!! A fascinating story, based on a true story, of a boy who dreams to work aboard the fantastic cruise liner, the Hikawa Maru! I never thought I would learn as much as I did from an anime that was based on a true story of a Japanese cruise liner history and its connections with other countries including the […]

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Headshot Movie

I went to the HIFF (Hawaii International Film Festival), to watch Indonesian movie, called Headshot. This film is an action film that I was not imagine, but after watched this film I feel so proud of Indonesia. This movie is about a man named Abdi (Iko Uwais) who loses his memory because of some tragedy that he been through before […]

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