It’s been a pleasure HIFF 2016…

Last weekend concluded the 36th annual Hawaii International Film Festival, and was it one for the books. From the local documentaries to the Asian Dramas, there were thousands of people that walked through the doors of the theatre to immerse in the films. This year at HIFF, I was fortunate enough to have seen three films: Prison Dogs, That Demon […]

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HIFF: Final Wrap Analysis

Hawaii International Film Festival or HIFF this year have a lot of interesting films and I am glad that I watched three films which are Headshot, Given and Aloha for Indo and Bittersweet. I choose those particular films because somehow they are attached to me like Headshot because they are film from Indonesia that I could not missed it, it […]

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HIFF 2016 Opening

HIFF Fall 2016 Final Recap!

I watched three movies during the Hawaii International Film Festival Fall 2016. They were “Headshot”, “Given + Aloha for Indo”, and “Bittersweet”. I chose those particular movies because Headshot and Aloha for Indo are related to Indonesia, the country I am from, and Bittersweet is a Japanese movie about food so I thought that it would be fun. The first […]

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Praise for Prison Dogs

Prison Dogs is a documentary that will make you fall in love from start to finish. The film is set in a rural New York prison in Fishkill, NY, where the inmates there are paired with a golden retriever or lab, for a program called “Puppies Behind Bars.” After a process of evaluation, the chosen inmates are presented with the […]

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Prison Dogs Can Learn New Tricks

For the 36th Anniversary I decided to attend the film “Prison Dogs,” a moving, adorable documentary that follows three inmates and three US veterans of war on a journey through a dog training program that offers veterans a second chance at recovering from PTSD in providing them with a trained dog. The dog is readily prepared after a hefty 2 […]

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The Growing, Digital Fire that is HIFF

This year was Hawaii International Film Festival’s 36th Anniversary, and I could not have been more excited to attend. Last year in 2015 was my first time attending HIFF, and I had the experience of a lifetime as I attended the opening ceremony, where I met many HIFF associates and several inspiring business partners that I will know for a […]

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Fire at Sea didn’t light my fire

Fire at Sea was the second film I had attended on Sunday at HIFF this year. It was the only film I had seen that was not originally set in English, but in Italian.. with English subtitles. It  was a documentary type film that was directed by Gianfranco Rosi. Fire at Sea has some great reviews out on the ole […]

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