Stan Lee

“With Great Power: The Stan Lee Story” – Film Review

BIFF! BOOM! POW! It wouldn’t be surprising if you first thought of comic book superheroes when you first read those three words. Big comic book fan? “With Great Power: The Stan Lee Story” is definitely a film to see. This is  no way a boring documentary about any old guy. Stan Lee is one of the most animated people you […]

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Wrapping Up My HIFF Experience

During this year’s film festival I chose to see four different movies; Paradise Broken, Almost Perfect, Bob Marley: The Making of a Legend, and SENNA. The reason for why I chose these films were because I wanted a variety of genres to be able to get a little taste of everything. The very first film I decided to see was […]

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Scene from Vacancy

My Final Word on HIFF

At this year’s HIFF, I saw a total of four films. The films that I saw, in order, were 6B, Paradise Broken, With Great Power: The Stan Lee Story, and Patang. I chose 6B and Paradise Broken because they were filmed in Hawaii and told real local stories. Another big reason I chose these films is that Hawaii author Chris […]

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Madeleine Bergstrand

What do you think about HIFF? – Video Report

A few short interviews and reviews from the visitors at Hawaii International Film Festival

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Patang, directed by Prashant Bhargava

Did Anyone Else Not Enjoy This Movie?

I’ll be honest. I had very high hopes for Prashant Bhargava’s film Patang, and I was let down. Don’t get me wrong; this film was great. It’s just that I had expected something else. Bhargava explained during the HIFF closing press conference that 90% of the people in his film weren’t actors, but ordinary people. He thought that would make […]

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