Death for Justice: Takashi Miike’s 13 Assassins

13 Assassins, directed by prolific Japanese filmmaker Takashi Miike, is based on an actual historical event. Set in the peaceful Edo period (1600 – 1868), the sadistic Lord Naritsugu rapes, kills and tortures at will. Being the half-brother of the Shogun, the head of the ruling Tokugawa government, the young sociopath cannot be touched. However, dissent grows among the honorable […]

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Honey Bal

Honey – Bal (2010) Film review

This is one beautiful film with Bora Altas playing one of the sweetest and most innocent characters I think I have ever seen (at least in a long time.) Bal is the story of a very simple family who depends on father Yakup and his job as a bee farmer. The family lives a very simple life in the farms […]

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First Love

First Love Review

“First Love is about love, friendship and following your dreams. This feature length film follows the lives of three passionate young girls from Phillip Island and documents their trip to Hawaii – the first step on their journey to making a career out of surfing. 17-year-old Jess Laing has grown up surfing with, and competing against, her two friends Nikki […]

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The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest – Film Review

Once again I went into this film with no knowledge about it at all except that it was based off a popular book series. Little did I know that the book series is originally from Sweden! “The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest” is the third and final installment to the late Steig Larsen’s “Millenium Trilogy.” The first book being […]

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Keahou @ Sunset on the Beach-HIFF 2010

  This group was part of the entertainment at Sunset on the Beach in Waikiki.  They are currently students at  Kamehameha Schools and they sounded awesome, like pros!! Also they had a hula dancer that danced beautifully, even when this random love bird flew on her head.  I was so amazed by the way they sounded because they were only […]

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KS Alumni Glee Club @HIFF Sunset on the Beach-Waikiki

I attended the Sunset on the Beach that was dedicated to HIFF’s film “One Voice.” I heard a lot about this movie and wanted to see what it was all about.  While waiting for the film to start they had entertainment such as Kamehameha local band “Keahou” and the Kamehameha Alumni Glee Club.  The video your about to see is […]

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Time Traveler: The Girl Who Leapt Through Time – Film Review

Time Traveler: The Girl Who Leapt Through Time was the first film I watched as part of the Hawaii International Film Festival. I went in knowing nothing about the film, or the film festival. I saw the film on a whim simply because it was a Friday night, and it sounded like it would be Sci-fi Syfy related and please the […]

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