#MyHIFFMoment: Pali Road

The American/Chinese film Pali Road is nominated “Best Narrative Feature” at HIFF this year, and it had its world premiere at the film festival this week. What I did not know was that the main actors actually were present, and that they were doing a Q&A session afterwards. I’ll admit this might have influenced my film review, because I found myself […]

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Film review: Throuple

The American film Throuple had its world premiere on HIFF this weekend, and I went to watch the film yesterday. Film location is here in Hawaii, filmed on Big Island, which I thought was pretty cool. The director has taken advantage of the surroundings using tide pools, beaches, volcanos and Hawaiian nature as important parts of the setting. The film […]

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“The Hunting Ground” review

“The Hunting Ground” is a documentary directed by Kirby Dick that shines light on an important subject: rape at campuses in the United States. What can be surprising to some is that most of the colleges the movie investigates are Ivy League colleges, institutions that students have worked very hard to be admitted to, and parents have paid a lot of money for […]

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