Last men in Aleppo

The last men in Aleppo

I’m on my moped on my way to the theater, before I left I had done some research on my MacBook as to where this theater was located since this would be my first visit to this specific facility.  On the way I find myself being stuck at a parking lot, google maps clearly told me that this would be […]

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The Patriarch

The last three days of Hawai’i Film Festival and I finally got to make it to the first movie I have been wanting to watch, since I was flicking through the 2016 HIFF Program Guide, last week in class. The Patriarch is a reminiscent story of the Maori people in the rural areas, around 1960’s. The family drama is portraying […]

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Reaching New Heights!

NEWS RELEASE Carina Lara, HPU B.A. Communication   October 26, 2016 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   REACHING NEW HEIGHTS! The HIFF Press Conference at the Halekulani launches HIFF 2016 HONOLULU, HAWAII – Executive Director of HIFF Robert Lambeth starts off the Press Conference on the right foot. The 6 foot tall Executive Director proudly presents this years incredible 2016 Hawaii International […]

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Prison Dogs Can Learn New Tricks

For the 36th Anniversary I decided to attend the film “Prison Dogs,” a moving, adorable documentary that follows three inmates and three US veterans of war on a journey through a dog training program that offers veterans a second chance at recovering from PTSD in providing them with a trained dog. The dog is readily prepared after a hefty 2 […]

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Get your tissues ready! Film premiere of Lion

Wednesday| November 09, 2016 By: Carina Lara   “We owe it to the Director“        A captivating tender hearted story that was beautifully and accurately portrayed. We owe it to the Director. Thank you for bringing to light the unseen and for capturing the beauty of the forgotten and most often looked over individuals. “Bringing to light the unseen” On […]

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Trespass Against Us

Trespass Against Us is a British crime drama film that is directed by Adam Smith and written by Alastair Siddons. The film stars has some big names, the only one I knew though was Michael Fassbender. Not a bad actor/performance. Well done Michael. Interestingly, I found out that the film has been selected to be screened in the Special Presentations section at the 2016 Toronto International […]

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Fire at Sea didn’t light my fire

Fire at Sea was the second film I had attended on Sunday at HIFF this year. It was the only film I had seen that was not originally set in English, but in Italian.. with English subtitles. It  was a documentary type film that was directed by Gianfranco Rosi. Fire at Sea has some great reviews out on the ole […]

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Moonlight A+

One of the films I attended during HIFF this year on Oahu was Moonlight. It made me really glad I did. Moonlight, directed by Barry Jenkins was set in Florida about an underprivileged boy called Chiron (pronounced shy-ROWN). Chiron was different from the other boys and he was always being picked on whilst growing up. He had little emotional support until […]

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The Freedom to Marry – A Journey Towards Same Sex Marriage

The Freedom to Marry is a documentary film directed by Eddie Rosenstein that follows the journey of the same sex marriage movement in the United States. Evan Wolfson founded the campaign “Freedom to Marry” back in 2003 with the intent to get equality for all no matter who you love. As we all know, back in 2015 in the Supreme Court case […]

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That Demon Within: Movie Review

The battle between the inner self and a criminal in the real world, haunted Dave Wong. This police officer hid his past from the outside world, and revisited his haunting past after he unknowingly saved the life of a criminal named Han, also called “The Demon King.” Dave’s sanity is questioned and put to the test as the quest for […]

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