10 Reasons why you should watch Gaza Surf Club

If you didn’t watch the documentary Gaza Surf Club by directors Philip Gnadt and Mickey Yamine, don’t panic. You can still catch it on Big Island on November 19th. Or on Kauai on November 20th. But why? Here’s 10 reasons why you should:   Gaza Surf Club is a very touching documentary about a group of young men with a […]

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The Freedom to Marry – A Journey Towards Same Sex Marriage

The Freedom to Marry is a documentary film directed by Eddie Rosenstein that follows the journey of the same sex marriage movement in the United States. Evan Wolfson founded the campaign “Freedom to Marry” back in 2003 with the intent to get equality for all no matter who you love. As we all know, back in 2015 in the Supreme Court case […]

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Portrait of a Legend

From zero to one hundred within a human age. Anthony ‘Bunker’ Spreckels, legendary deceased surfer went from being the free spirited young man living on the Pillboxes to becoming an uncontrollable wave riding rockstar with the tragic death of overdosing to follow. Before he pioneered in the history of surfing and board shaping, he was living the fortuned life as […]

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That’s a Wrap! A Summary of My HIFF Moments

This year, I had the opportunity to participate in the Hawaii International Film Festival.  It was presented by Halekulani and ran on Oahu from October 30 to November 9.  Over the course of these ten days, I attended the screenings of two foreign films, the Student Showcase, and the Actor’s Workshop featuring Marcia Gay Harden. The first film I saw […]

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‘Lava’ Love

Next to Big Hero 6, Pixar’s “Lava,” was probably one of the films I looked forward to watching the most. Ever since Pixar first announced it would be making this short film I was excited for it because it was inspired by Hawaii. I recall reading an article where the director said his honeymoon to Hawaii inspired this love story between the […]

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loitering with intent

Loitering with Intent

Two aspiring actor/ directors, Dominic and Raphael finally think they’ve found their big break, but they just need to write the story. They convinced a producer with a $300,000 budget that they had a can’t miss story. They have 10 days to finalize the story, so they take themselves into nature to write begin the story that’s suppose to just […]

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HIFF – Human Capital

Saturday 8th of November I went to the Hawaii International Film Festival together with Alexander, because of course we didn’t want to miss an extra credit opportunity! We ended up with seeing the Italian movie Human Capital (Il Capitale Umano). The movie is directed by Paolo Virzi, and the main stars are Fabrizio Bentivoglio as Dino Ossola, Matilde Gioli as Serena Ossola, Valeria […]

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Review: Loitering With Intent

Loitering With Intent turned out to be a spontaneous choice for a film, due to the initial film being cancelled. The story begins with two guys in the pursuit of starting their careers as scriptwriters. As an attempt to gain financial support, the two friends Dominic and Raphael decide to lead a producer into believing they have a great script […]

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I went to see the Indonesian documentary Jalanan with a few classmates from school. The story takes place on the streets of Jakarta, and follows the three street musicians Ho Mulyono, Titi Juwariyah and Boni Putera in their everyday lives. The name Jalanan means “streetside” in Bahasa Indonesian, which pretty much describes the plot of the film, as they perform […]

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All good things must come to an end; HIFF wrap up

The Fall 2014 Hawaii International Film Festival was successful to say the least. During the festival I attended the opening press conference and three Films; Stations of the Cross, Kabukicho Love Hotel, and Mary Kom. There were more films that I wanted to see like Beyond the Surface, Imitation Game, and others, but those films either didn’t fit with my schedule or they were sold […]

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