Thailand 01.01.2005.
Tsunami Disaster - Youngest British Victim - PICS : BY BRIAN CASSEY - story Susie Boniface.
Patrice Fayet's (37) scours pics of dead bodies displayed on boards at Khoa Lak searching for his missing (dead) 6 month old daughter Ruby Rose Archer Fayet and wife Samantha Archer .

‘After the Wave,’ a powerful story of hope and loss

December 26th, 2004. An earthquake in the Indian Ocean caused a series of tsunamis and the most devastating natural disaster in modern times. The heartbreaking documentary “After the Wave” takes us back to the catastrophe that killed more than 230,000 people across 13 countries within hours. Directed by Amanda Blue, it gives you a unique insight into how forensics teams […]

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Trailer Tyke Elephant Outlaw

Trailer Tyke Elephant Outlaw Today I made a trailer on my computer for a documentary that will be shown on HIFF next week. Tyke Elephant Outlaw: November 21 8:30pm – DOL November 22 12pm- DOL and 5:30pm – KKM 78 min. I think the movie seems to be really important and interesting. Especially since the tragedy takes place in Honolulu […]

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