Going Vertical: The Invention of the Shortboard

Going Vertical is NOT an ordinary surf movie. Going Vertical successfuly tells you the story about how and where shortboarding was invented. The movie contains a lot of old footage you would never see in a surf magazine or in one of the newer surf movies, it is definitely the right movie for you if you want to learn more about […]

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Everyone remembers their first love!!!

On Sunday October 24th, I had the opportunity to watch First Love. The title alone conjures up images of hand drawn hearts, long walks in the park, and first kisses. This documentary does not disappoint. In this film, however the object of desire is not another person but a desire to make it to the upper echelon of surfing. Claire […]

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no civil unions

‘Don’t ask, Don’t tell’

Last Thursday I was once again reminded on how broad the impact of HIFF is and how relevant many of its showings are. ‘Chasing Rainbows’ is a movie that seeks the ‘real truth’ in the debate around same-sex marriages and is exceedingly applicable to last week’s news; it premiered on the HIFF Festival only ONE day after a court in […]

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On Saturday, October 23rd, I watched the documentary 04/11/08. Surprisingly, it was only me and seven other people who saw the movie, but that didn’t change my impressions of the movie. The film producer had asked friends all over the world to use their video cameras and tape stories concerning the election. We saw people who were interviewed, people who […]

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Documentary film-REGENERATION-Awesome

Documentary film REGENERATION’S crew answers questions at the HIFF (video clip) The documentary takes on issues about today’s youth that is being apathetic about social and political causes and what the the influence is to that approach. I really liked the documentary because it talked about issues that I have had in my mind and stuff I have talked with […]

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Cheering in Grant Park. Photo by Alex Sherman


Before I went to see 11/4/08 I had mixed expectations; I anticipated a highly political movie that perhaps sought to praise democratic values as well as the election of the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama. From my perspective most political documentaries clearly follow a scheme (whether they do it on purpose or not is beyond me) – […]

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The Secrets of the Tribe

The Real Secrets of the Tribe

  On Sunday I went to see the movie “The Secrets of the Tribe”. This will not be a review of the film, but more of a reaction to what I discovered, to what it was about and to discuss some of the major themes that caught my mind. I realize now that I should have written down thoughts concerning […]

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