My Experience at Dear Thalia

As stated on the Dear Thalia page: Dear Thalia follows The Martin Family (Tracy, Tabatha, & Thalia) being homeless living in Kakaako, Oahu/Hawai’i. Filmed over a course of 4 months on weekends (8-10 hours a day), some weekdays/holidays and the Family having a GoPro for the entire duration 24/7. Living in paradise with the cost of living and cost of […]

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Dear Thalia…

As the buzz about HIFF began growing and growing as the opening day came close, the more excited I was to attend one of the showings of the films. On Sunday November 15 I made my way over to the Dole Cannery Movie Theater to watch Dear Thalia, a documentary film about a homeless family living on the streets in Kaka’ako. […]

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Hawaii International Film Festival –   So,  I decided to watch two films and this was my first time attending any Film Festival. I didn’t know what to expect and I really never read anything into the Film Festivals. I had chosen a film that was  listed as a suprise screening, which ended up being  “My Love Don’t Cross that […]

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Fresh Dressed Offers Insight Like Never Before

Fresh Dressed is a 2014 documentary that chronicles the beginnings of urban fashion through the influence of hip-hop and black culture. The film offers commentary from some of music and the fashion industry’s heavyweights, including Pharrell Williams, Kanye West, Nas, Karl Kani, and Andre Leon Talley. We start off in the early 1980s in New York where gang violence and […]

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Beyond the Surface

India has over 7500 km (4600 miles) of coastline and why not use it for something as wonderful as surfing. I went to the to see ‘Beyond the Surface’. It is a documentary about surfing, yoga and spirituality in India. Crystal Thornburg-Homcy and her husband Dave Homcy from Hawaii, travelled to India to make a feature-length documentary about the surf scene. […]

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Film review: Remote Area Medical

This documentary film was very inspiring because I did not know that the non-profit relief corps, Remote Area Medical, existed. I’m glad that volunteers offer medical services to remote areas in the United States and other places throughout the world. It was founded in 1985 by Stan Brock. With the issue with Obamacare in the air, this film was shown at […]

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NOVA-The Mystery of Easter Island


NOVA- The Mystery of Easter Island is an early screening at HIFF to promote its program that will be aired on PBS. The movie takes viewers on a journey to the Easter Island along with two archeologist who want to test a hypothesis about the giant statues know as Moai and how the people of the island got to transport […]

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Chasing Ice Review

  People say a picture is worth a thousand words. That is what National Geographic photographer-scientist James Balog is betting on will change the minds of a few climate-change skeptics who view this film. Chasing ice documents the rapid retreat of glaciers, which Balog calls “the canary in coal mine” for climate change. The opening scene of the documentary takes […]

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