Dear Thalia

  On November 17, 2015 I was excited to finally have time to watch the film, “Dear Thalia” which I was greatly interested in ever since I got the Hawai’i International Film Festival’s film schedule. Since residents in Hawai’i, as well as visitors know that homelessness is a vast issue in our state, especially on the island of O’ahu. Since […]

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Dear Thalia: Homelessness through a 3-year-old’s eyes

November 15, 2015 was the premiere of “Dear Thalia” at the Hawaii International Film Festival. This film was on the top of my list considering the fact that homelessness in Hawaii is a growing epidemic. This film was about the Martin family; Tracy, Tabatha and their 3-year-old daughter Thalia. The Martin Family is located in Kaka’ako where most homeless people […]

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Dear Thalia…

As the buzz about HIFF began growing and growing as the opening day came close, the more excited I was to attend one of the showings of the films. On Sunday November 15 I made my way over to the Dole Cannery Movie Theater to watch Dear Thalia, a documentary film about a homeless family living on the streets in Kaka’ako. […]

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