The Patriarch

The last three days of Hawai’i Film Festival and I finally got to make it to the first movie I have been wanting to watch, since I was flicking through the 2016 HIFF Program Guide, last week in class. The Patriarch is a reminiscent story of the Maori people in the rural areas, around 1960’s. The family drama is portraying […]

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Gaza Surf Club

When everything else has been destroyed, the most powerful tool for reconstruction is hope. The people of Gaza have to fight everyday to maintain this tool of hope. Stuck between Egypt and Israel, with blockades on both sides, the people of Gaza are in constant danger of war and limited supplies. One escape from daily threats and reality is offered […]

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Review: “A Midsummer’s Hawaiian Dream”

Shakespeare meets Hawaii in this twist of the famous ‘A Midsummer’s Night Dream’. This take on Shakespeare is one that weaves in a love story mixed with the fight to keep the natural beauty of the island of Kauai from being destroyed by modern development. The writer and director take you on a journey with a typical love story yet […]

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The Value of HIFF

The Hawaii International Film Festival (HIFF) started with a goal of introducing the Pacific rim to the West. It was first a project of an educational and research institute created by the U.S. Congress called East-West Center. The first year consisted of seven films from six countries shown on the University of Hawaii Manoa campus in 1981 with 5,000 in […]

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"We owe it to the Director"! Lion Film Premiere

LION: The Centerpiece Film

Lion follows the true story of Saroo Brierley, a wandering Indian boy who was separated from his Indian-born family and then later gets adopted into an Australian family. The film portrays the importance of family and identity, which are both the center of Saroo’s internal conflicts. The story begins with Saroo’s relationship with his older brother, Guddu. From the very […]

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Things to Come

In THINGS TO COME, Nathalie, a philosophy teacher, finds herself caught in a tidal wave of both past and present. From the very beginning of the movie, we are introduced to her everyday contrasts between the passionate youth of her students and the painful and ill age of her mother. We see the differences between her crumbling interaction with her […]

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