Hang Loose was drop dead funny!

I saw the movie Hang Loose by Kevin Wu on Sunday October 21st at 3:15. The theater was so packed when we got there that people were standing to watch the film and Nina and I had to ask some people to arrange their seating so we could even sit next to each other. Those seats were the very first […]

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Euro Cinema 2012 Extravaganza

Covering the Press on the red carpet for Euro Cinema!! 🙂 I’ve been waiting all week…Celebs here i come!..After unexpectedly getting into the event, We made it worth our time and saw the awards given out to deserving directors and covered the PR and spread the news through social media of this exiting event!!

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2012 Opening Press Conference to kick off the week!

The exciting opening press conference for HIFF that went on, October 11th here in Hawaii was a hit! The festival promises many great movies as well as a lot of great events that we should all take advantage of. If you are interested in the movie industry, HIFF is the answer to get your feet wet and learn how it all […]

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ATM money

Print idea for HIFF: Collaboration with Bank of Hawaii

My print idea for HIFF focuses on reaching more tourists. Through my experience at HIFF, I noticed that not a lot of tourists were attending the festival, at least not as many as could have been. By collaborating with a bank, in this example Bank of Hawaii, since they have the most ATM´s in Honolulu (Waikiki), it is possible to […]

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Closable Popcornbox

I love good horror movies, I don’t love ending up with popcorn all over myself when the monster jumps out from under the bed. And if it’s not the monster, you can be sure that I’ve just placed the popcorn box on the floor for two seconds to get something out of my purse when it tips over and spills […]

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HIFF Extreme Features

‘HIFF Extreme’ Featured and Sponsored by Chinatown Newspaper

Here is a look at the featured HIFF stories covered in the most recent release of Chinatown Newspaper, distributed in Honolulu, Portland OR, and San Francisco! You can also catch Nella Media Group’s Chinatown publication at chinatownnewspaper.com. It is a raw, edgy and comical read that explores the markets of arts, culture, and community! Enjoy 🙂 Emily G. Nguyen

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