The giant, rock hard body gives a nice contrast to his shy and soft heart

Teddy Bear – emotionally gripping movie about an increasing “trend” in Scandinavia

Teddy Bear is about a very shy bodybuilder from Denmark who travels to Thailand to try and find the love of his life. He has a mother who is overprotective and extremely jealous and strict, outstandingly acted by Elsebeth Steentoft, so he has to lie about where he is going. The movie is almost without a movie-score, and does what […]

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Intercultural relationship blossomed through the season when Kevin lead the debut Super League team to a historical placing

The Iran Job – So much more than a movie about basketball

Went to the screening of seemingly straightforward “The Iran Job”, which I expected to be an OK movie about an American guy heading to Iran to play basketball. I anticipated some cultural differences and a few giggles perhaps, but what I encountered was so much more than that. I feared it would turn out to be one of those stereotypical […]

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HIFF Snuggie

    Was I the only one that was freezing during the HIFF in the Dole Cannery? I forgot to bring a sweater and my friend had just bought a new surf wetsuit… With this hilarious picture as a result. The product I think should be handed out at the next HIFF is there for a snuggie. I designed one: […]

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Review of “Unfinished Spaces”

This film, directed by Benjamin Murray, and Alysa Nahmias, follows three innovational architects exiled from Cuba in 1965. The architects design and nearly finish what was considered to be the world’s most spectacular and futuristic art school. However it is left to ruin by the country’s Revolution, and abandoned by the people of Cuba. Forty years later Fidel Castro invites […]

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