Apart Together Film Comments

APART TOGETHER     When I went to the Hawaii International Film Festival, I watched the independent film “Apart Together.”  I had no expectations for this movie and I didn’t have any idea what the movie was about because I was just looking for a movie that fit my schedule.  This was the only movie that … [Read…]


Here are some of the press events that I’ve attended during HIFF. I must say that everything was well-coordinated and executed perfectly. First off, the meet and greet event with the film makers was a boasting success. I’m pretty sure the location had something to do with it. RumFire of Sheraton, Waikiki definitely was the … [Read…]

Promo Video 2011

I know everyone is sobbing about how HIFF is over, well, you should have taken advantage of the festival while you can. Fret not, next year is a whole new year with whole new fresh movies. I’m sure HIFF will be bigger and better as it progresses through the years. Don’t miss out next year!