Review on HIFF Aeronauts By: Laura Standley

On November 11, 2019 I attended the Hawaii Pacific International Film Festival at the Dole Cannery. Here I had the pleasure of watching one of the most creative, fresh, inspirational and beautifully edited films, ” The Aeronauts,” that I have ever seen. This film was originally supposed to be released on December 20th. This film … [Read…]

Ride Your Wave

Ride Your Wave is a beautiful story of two star crossed lovers. In this animated film, Hinako Mukaimizu moves to a new town where she can continue to surf waves, with little thought to her future. One night, her apartment catches on fire and she is rescued by Minato Hinageshi. Following these events, Hinako teaches … [Read…]

Marriage Story

Marriage Story, directed by legendary filmmaker, Noah Baumbach, premiered on November 10, 2019 as part of the Hawaii’ International Film Festival. Comprised of an all-star cast, the film proved to gain both an abundance of emotions from the audience, as well as a loud applause at its conclusion. A twist from a typical love story, … [Read…]

The Infiltrators

In this documentary mixed with re-enactments, the viewer is getting an inside look of what really goes on inside the detention facility, where illegal immigrants are held until they are either released or deported back to their home country. The documentary follows the true events of the National Immigrant Youth Alliance (NIYA) as they purposely … [Read…]

I Lost My Body

When I read that this movie is about a severed hand trying to find its way back to its body, I knew I had to watch it. I thought it was beautifully animated, and it had a certain honesty or “realness” to it, which I often think is the case with French films. With animation … [Read…]

The Irishman

(spoilers) At its simplest, The Irishman is a film about mortality. It opens with a push-in though the halls of a nursing home, the camera eventually landing on an even more aged Robert DeNiro, playing the titular character, Frank Sheeran. He begins narrating the film, which is his life story. The film continues in this … [Read…]

The Infiltrator Reaction

The experimental film, The Infiltrator, was an amazingly produced documentary about young undocumented people infiltrating the ICE detention centers in order to set the detainees free. The directors did a wonderful job blending real-time footage with interviews and re-enactments of what happened in the detention centers. This helped the viewers see and understand what Marco … [Read…]


This film SLAPS! I am all for medieval romance and drama, especially if it is focused around a powerful woman. Being a rendition of Hamlet, I love how the film instead chooses to follow the story of Ophelia, his romantic interest. This was an interesting choice as a way to adopt a beloved classic into … [Read…]

It Comes Review

First of all, this film was horrifying. Just straight up scary. Some might say I got the heebie-geebies. Others might say “was it actually that bad?.” To which I would respond: Yes. That being said, it was incredibly appealing as far as the compelling visuals and storyline. From the intro to the credits, the artistic … [Read…]