#HPUHIFF Review (16 of 20): Satan’s Slaves

Satan’s Slaves is an Indonesian remake of a 1982 film titled Satan’s Slave. The film takes place in 1981, and centers around a family who lives next to a cemetery, and the horror film hijinks that ensue after the family’s matriarch dies from a mysterious illness. This film came as a recommendation from one of the HIFF … [Read…]

#HPUHIFF Review (15 of 20): Ottomaticake

Ottomaticake reminds me of the joy that can come from documentary filmmaking. The amount of passion and happiness that exudes from every person on screen during this all too short feature is evident through and through. More so, it is obvious that everyone involved truly has a deep emotional attachment to the film’s subject, local … [Read…]

Mary and the Witch’s Flower- Movie Review

Hiromasa Yonebayashi has once again taken me on an adventure I can’t get out of my head. I left the movie theater ecstatic, rambling on about my favorite parts of the movie, and how adorable Tib and Gib (the two cats) were! I cannot wait to see the english dubbed version of the film! I … [Read…]

#HPUHIFF Review (14 of 20): Mutafukaz

Although I was not as impressed with the French comic adaptation Mutafukaz as I thought I would be, it is by far the better of the two French comic adaptations released this year. I am, of course, referring to the near-unbearable Luc Besson visual masturbatory effort Valerian and the City of A Thousand Planets. While my enjoyment … [Read…]

#HPUHIFF Review (13 of 20): Bad Genius

The Taiwanese film Bad Genius is no doubt the sleeper foreign hit of the 37th Annual Hawaii International Film Festival presented by Halekulani. Imagine if Super Bad met Oceans 11, and you have what is definitely, for me, the most highly-entertaining piece of Asian cinema in quite some time. Bad Genius centers itself around a girl named Lynn, who through surrounding … [Read…]

I, Tonya- Movie Review

What an amazingly hilarious remake of history! “I, Tonya.” I appreciate the fact that this film was not just a documentary or full of interviews re-telling the story. The idea of recreating “the incident,” getting to know Tonya’s background, and making this film dark humor was a great approach to retelling this story. In the … [Read…]

Review: Breath

Breath is an Australian production, based on the novel Breath by Australian author Tim Winton. Director, producer and actor of the main character, Simon Baker, has a deep connection to the film since he grew up surfing in New South Wales and can see himself in the boys. He claims he had a mentor too, … [Read…]