Wrap Analysis (2018,HIFF)

During the Hawaii international film festival, I had the privilege of viewing 7 films. The 7 films were apart of the university student showcase. Personally, I did not attend an in-person press event but instead was able to connect with others that had attended the event to get multiple perspectives. The highlight for me was … [Read…]

Skating is (MY) life

Directed by Kyle Motonaga the short film Skating is MY steps into the life of Kekoa, an early 30’s skate obsessed resident of Hawaii. The documentary film dives into the different avenues of his life slitting each chapter into the parts of his equipment. Kekoa finds himself experiencing the struggle that most young athletes suffer … [Read…]

Silent Music

The insightfully titled, Silent Music examines the situation of love without sound. Character Josh catches the eye for a girl that he meets in a coffee shop and is then challenged with finding ways to get to know her after he learns that she is hard of hearing. Ironically Josh is in a band and … [Read…]

Mr. Silverman

Mr.Silverman was a film telling the story of a street performer based in the heart of Honolulu. Waikiki is the hub for thousands of travelers of all different walks of life all providing a mixed bag of attitudes that poke holes at his silver screen. Mr. Silverman is depicted as an alcoholic who paints himself … [Read…]

HIFF 2018: Wrap Analysis

This Veteran’s Day, I had the chance to experience one all-encompassing day of 38th Annual Hawaii International Film Festival Presented by Halekulani (HIFF). My goal was simple: attend three different films in one day.   The first film I saw was I Used to Be Normal: A Boyband Fangirl Story. This was perhaps my least favorite … [Read…]

Sink or Swim Review

My final event at 38th Annual Hawaii International Film Festival Presented by Halekulani was my favorite by far. Sink or Swim directed by Gilles Lellouche was a raw and encouraging tale about the realities of depression and misfortune in adulthood, and challenges masculinity’s barriers towards approaching these issues in emotionally healthy ways. The film takes … [Read…]

Long Day’s Journey Into Night HIFF 38 Review

Even three weeks out from my November 11th screening as of the time of this writing, Gan Bi’s Long Day’s Journey Into Night is still the most conflicted I have felt about a film, at least narratively, all year. To be frank, the story seemed like an afterthought, although I am sure there is still … [Read…]

Vox Lux HIFF 38 Review

Natalie Portman. My god. Do I need to say anything else? Vox Lux, or as it will be known in the coming years, “The Darker, Moodier Sister of A Star Is Born,” is the second directorial feature from actor Brady Corbet. It stars Natalie Portman, Jude Law, Raffey Cassidy, Stacy Martin, and of course, narrated … [Read…]

One Cut of the Dead review

One Cut of the Dead is a 2017 Japanese zombie comedy film written and directed by Shinichiro Ueda. The film was produced by Koji Ichihashi, and stars Takayuki Hamatsu, Mao, Harumi Syuhama, Yuzuki, Akiyama, and Kazuaki Nagaya. One Cut of the Dead plot revolves around a film crew shooting a low budget zombie film in an abandoned water filtration … [Read…]