Yellow Rose: A Film Review

Yellow Rose starts off by introducing the main female character, Rose Garcia (Eva Noblezada). Rose and her mother were undocumented immigrants living in Texas, and her mother constantly feared deportation. The film took an intense twist when Rose’s mother was taken by Immigration and Customs Enforcement as Rose arrived home from the concert. Shortly after … [Read…]

Masquerade Hotel

Masquerade Hotel was shown in the summer of 2019. This is a Japanese movie that is directed by Masayuki Suzuki. The story is that the police search for a serial killer. This serial killer already killed three people. Then, this killer gave hints for the next location every time. The next location is the Cortesia … [Read…]

HPU @ HIFF Wrap Up

One of my problems during my experience at HIFF was just lack of time, it prevented me from seeing a few movies on my wish list, including JoJo Rabbit. Despite difficulties in catching the premieres that I was interested in I did manage to see my number one movie of the event: The Irishman. With … [Read…]

The Report

The Report starring Adam Driver, is a retelling of Daniel Jones’  efforts to shed light on the CIA and investigate its use of “enhanced interrogation” following the 9/11. We follow Jones in his multi year journey to expose the truth; dedicating his life to the cause spending years in a windowless room and sacrificing a … [Read…]

Knives Out

Knives out isn’t your typical sleuth film, with a modern and hilarious spin on the classic murder in a mansion. Coming off a huge blockbuster title, the lastest edition to the Star Wars saga, Johnson has created another film that will hold your attention captive. On his 85th birthday author Harlon Thrumbey is found dead; … [Read…]

HIFF Final Wrap

This was my first year attending HIFF and it was so worth it. I learned how HIFF is great for current and future filmmakers who are looking to widen their experience in film and want to enjoy the production of other creative work. It is nice to get out of the classroom setting and watch … [Read…]

HIFF Photo Gallery

This post is my photo gallery that I took during Hawaii International Film Festival. It was great experience for me, and I really enjoyed watching various kinds of films. The first two pictures are I took outside of the theater. There were some big ads outside. Therefore, I easily could find the place. The third … [Read…]

HIFF Final Wrap

It was my first time to go not only Hawaii International Film Festival (HIFF) but also a Film festival. Since my schedule was tight, I couldn’t go to media and press event. However, I saw three movies “The Infiltrators”, “Sorry We Missed You”, “Ride Your Wave” during HIFF. I like watching movies. That’s why I’m … [Read…]