Downsizing Review

Was able to watch the film Downsizing. Such a great film! I was so fond of this movie because it managed to make light and bring the audiences subconscious to genuinely analyze the concept and themselves in life without being told to do so literally. The movie was able to execute comedy in such a … [Read…]

Final word – my HIFF experience

At this year’s 37th Hawaii International Film festival presented by Halekulani I had the chance to watch eight films I chose myself, just by the criteria of my interest and how well they work with my schedule. I chose to watch “11/8/16”, which is a film about last year’s presidential elections in the US, “Island … [Read…]

The Sheriff In Town

During this year’s HIFF Festival, I was able to see the thrilling, adrenaline filled, hilarious Korean film called, “The Sheriff In Town,” directed by Kim Hyung-ju. The Sheriff In Town is a 2017 South Korean film that followed the main character, Dae-Ho, who is an ex-detective that failed a mission that ended up with him … [Read…]

HIFF Final Wrap Up

Over the past several years I have had the chance to attend the Hawaii International Film Festival in collaboration with Hawaii Pacific University. I have had several classes with Professor Britos who gets us press badges that allow us to see many movies during the festival. I have also had a class with AnnMarie Manzulli … [Read…]

Pick Plastic NOT Shells: An International Emergency

Ever since I can remember I felt this special connection to the ocean. Growing up on the Washington and Oregon coast lines taught me from an early age how much I respect the roaring, powerful, life-giving waters that surrounded what I call home. After deciding to attend Hawaii Pacific University and exploring the beautiful island … [Read…]

Leah & Adrian’s Last HPU HIFF: 2017

In this blog I will review and wrap up my final experience as a Hawaii Pacific University student attending the Hawaii International Film Festival. It has been an honor to contribute so much of my time and effort to this event over the last three years at HPU, gaining experience with this internationally recognized area … [Read…]

it’s a wrap – HIFF 2017

This year’s event at HIFF 2017 was a really good experience overall and I am glad that I had the chance to be a part of it this year as well. Not only are you as a person supporting a good cause, but also you gain real life experience in terms of social media coverage … [Read…]

Documentary “Living On One Dollar” Film Review

Today I went to work, at a full-scale restaurant (whose name I will not disclose for this subject matter), just after watching the documentary film Living On One Dollar (2013). As I walked inside the building, the first thing my manager asked me was, “What should I get to eat today?” sighing as she read our menu … [Read…]

The Truth Behind SNAP Food Assistance and Socioeconomic Class Status in Hawaii

This blog will discuss the relevance of food security with its accordance to socioeconomic status in the state of Hawaii. The truth behind poverty does not only lie in the faces of the homeless on Fort Street. It lies in the middle class, those contributing to society every single day, who have families and stable … [Read…]