HIFF Postcard

For my second deliverable I created a postcard for HIFF. I used many images from this years HIFF to show them on the post card so people can see how many different movies are shown at HIF. Again I used my headline “And where will you be?” to gain recognition. I also created my own … [Read…]

HIFF outdoor advertising

I would use any park benches and put removable stickers on them to promote HIFF. There are not so many benches in the city so I would go and also provide the benches.I used the same headline “And where will you be?” for both of my pieces to achive recognition.

HIFF Print Advertisement

HIFF print advertisement This is a print advertisement that I made for the Hawaii International Film festival.  I am currently taking Graphic Design class so I am pretty new at this but I think I did pretty well for my second time using illustrator.

HIFF Going Guerilla

Imagine a movie screening and nobody is there. HIFF is not only a movie screening, HIFF is something special. And therefore HIFF needs an outstanding marketing campaign. Early in the morning – Downtown Honolulu – you can see it on every palm trunk – it is colored – it is new – it is different … [Read…]

Conviction – the case of Kenny Waters

CONVICTION Conviction is a true story of a sister’s devotion to her brother. When Kenny Waters was arrested for murder and sentenced to life in prison, his sister made a choice to dedicate her life to overturning the murder conviction. The case of Kenny Waters May 21, 1980, Katherina Brow was stabbed to death in … [Read…]

HIFF Box Office Employees

HiFF box office employees I took a video of the employees at HIFF because they would most likely have the most insight on Hiff.  I also wanted to show first impressions of HIFF with it being the first year for one of the employees, as well as show impressions of HIFF after several years as … [Read…]

HIFF volunteers

Hiff Volunteers I thought that an interesting angle of HIFF would be the volunteers.  Many people not only find it a great opportunity to do it, but find that they have become a family while doing it.  These are the volunteers you would have most likely seen if you went to watch a movie.

A Somewhat Gentle Man

The film is about Ulrik, “the gentle man” who is released from prison after 12 years (for murdering his wife’s lover), and his journey to try to make it back into society. He surrounds himself with lowlifes, and so it’s hard to make much of his newfound freedom. Still, he manages to get a new … [Read…]

“It was very sad, but it was a perfect portrait of the modern love”

Emily Tall went and saw Blue Valentine, she liked the movie very much and describe it: “It was very sad, but it was a perfect portrait of the modern love”. She continues: “The cinematography was very real, very moving”. Blue Valentine is a story about contemporary married couple, charting their evolution over a span of years … [Read…]