The Real Secrets of the Tribe

  On Sunday I went to see the movie “The Secrets of the Tribe”. This will not be a review of the film, but more of a reaction to what I discovered, to what it was about and to discuss some of the major themes that caught my mind. I realize now that I should … [Read…]

A heart-touching story – “Matching Jack”

Matching Jack, a movie from the great Australian producer Nadia Tass is a story about a little boy named Jack who suffers from leukemia. His only chance to cure from this bad disease is to find a suitable bone marrow donor but this is a formidable challenge for Marisa and David – his parents. As … [Read…]

Meeting the Filmmakers: Bjoern Richie Lob

KEEP SURFING is the new surf movie by Bjoern Richie Lob. I had the pleasure to meet him at the “Meet the Filmmakers” event at the RumFire in Waikiki. The movie is mainly about river surfing in Munich, Germany, but also features shots from around the world like Tahiti, Canada, and France. I was able … [Read…]