One Voice by Lisette Flanary

One Voice by Lisette Flanary Lisette Flanary is the brain behind “One Voice” which was screened this weekend at the Regal Dole Cinema. I met her today at the HIFF event at Sheraton and we had a great talk about her films.  One Voice is about a once-a-year event happening on Hawaii where nearly 2000 high school … [Read…]


I bet you’re thinking to yourself, what’s Eurocinema besides the fact that it is somehow collaborating with Hawaii International Film Festival (HIFF). You’re in luck, i’m going to tell you all about it. EuroCinema Hawai’i is dedicated to the enhancement of understanding and cultural exchange among the peoples of Europe and Hawai’i through the medium … [Read…]

Campbell High School Uses HIFF to Teach Students About Globalization

Today before watching Summer Pasture, I had the opportunity to talk with and interview Jamie Suehiro and Barbara Aly, both teachers from Campbell High School. They took a bunch of students to see the film in order to teach them about globalization and how other cultures live in different parts of the world. Since I am unable … [Read…]

The Secrets of the Tribe

The Secrets of the Tribe is the story of the “discovery” of the Yanomami tribes in the Amazon jungles, and the subsequent anthropological research and scandals that took place as academics worked to make a name for themselves.  Brazilian Filmmaker Jose Padilha uncovers the inside story of academic ambition, jealousy, abuse and “horrifying scandal.”  The … [Read…]