To Live & Ride in L.A. Expectations

In anticipation of “To Live & Ride in L.A.” I have decided to write about my expectations and hopes for the movie.  I think I should start with why I picked this movie watch.  While I don’t particularly like to participate in dangerous activities like skateboarding, surfing, or BMX biking, I do enjoy watching other … [Read…]

“The Runaways” prove to be explosive

“Hello daddy… hello mom …I’m your ch-ch-ch-ch-cherry bomb,” these lyrics of rebellion paved the way for “The Runaways,” a rock band from the 1970s. Fast forward to 2010, and “The Runaways” have been turned into a film of the same name featuring young actresses, Dakota Fanning and Kristen Stewart playing lead singer Cherie Currie and … [Read…]

Keep Surfing with Bjoren Richie Lob!!

I Actually have a good story behind this movie..  I was in Bali this past Summer and met this wonderful girl from Munich, Germany. We got talking and it turn out she works for FIFA world cup as an advertiser/marketer. Being an ADPR major I got to pick her brain and I found out some … [Read…]

Review: God went surfing with the devil

God went surfing with the devil movie review Just finished watching the film God went surfing with the devil. it was about the Israelis, Arab-Israelis and Palestinians affected by violence around the area but there are waves and ppl love surfing over in the area. just they don’t have much support so they couldn’t fullfill … [Read…]

Keep Surfing

Photo with Eli & Bjoern after the film short clip from Keep Surfing short clip from Keep Surfing 2 short clip from Keep Surfing 3 after film Q&A I had fun after watching the Keep surfing film, it was a great film to introduce the river surfing sport to the world. for myself this was the first … [Read…]

Meet the Film Maker Event

at the meet the film maker event, met director Oscar Zhang from ShangHi university. they are here to show their short documentory film “A Summer, A Boy and  A Cab.” they invited me to watch the film and I notice that they will be staying in Hawaii a little longer after the Film Festival for another film thats … [Read…]