Hawai’i Pacific University (HPU) and the Hawai’i International Film Festival (HIFF) engage in a real-time creative learning collaboration.

Since 2010, HPU Media and Cinematic Arts (MCA) writers, producers and designers from across the university engage critically and creatively with HIFF films and events, and in turn create digital content for several media streams including Hawai’i Pacific News, the Kalamalama, and the collaboration hub, HPU@HIFF.

HPU-MCA writer-producers attend press conferences, opening and closing ceremonies, special screenings, talks, symposiums and cinema presentations in search of new perspectives and inspiration.  Writer-producers must not only network electronically, but engage socially, culturally and creatively with other media producers and the local community.

“In terms of popular culture and media literacy, HPU students are remarkably savvy and insightful,” said Pete Britos of HPU’s Media and Cinematic Arts (MCA) Program.  “These students with their international backgrounds have a unique generational perspective, and with contemporary media tools, remarkable influence on the activities and understandings of their peers.  This project taps into some of that energy and potential.”

The HPU@HIFF experience allows HPU media producers a pragmatic, inside look at transmedia workflow and outcomes through community and production engagement.

Hawaii Pacific News

Kalamalama Newspaper

Alyssa Amasol and Crissy Goffigan

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