Looking back on the 36th Annual HIFF

The 36th annual Hawaiian Film Festival had more movies to watch then there was time. I happened to see a few good documentaries relevant to Hawaii they were: Gaza Surf Club, Poisoning Paradise And the Revolution to save Hawaii, Island Earth, and Indivisible. Those particular films were of interest to me because of their relevance to the island and their […]

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Island Earth, a local film with relevance.

“Island Earth” is a local Hawaiian film directed by Cyrus Sutton. Shown at the HIFF Film Festival it screened after the movie “Poisoning Paradise and the Revolution to Save Hawaii.” The film presents real scientists who are working to increase agriculture knowledge. The heart of the debate lies in the use of pesticides where one side says certain GMO seeds […]

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Hawaii, ground zero for pesticide testing and GMOs.

The film “Poisoning Paradise and the Revolution to Save Hawaii” is directed by Keely Brosnan and Teresa Tico. This documentary exposes the hidden truth behind agrochemical companies in Hawaii, the tragic irony: the intentional poisoning of paradise. This film is historical, because of the presented implications for all of humanity. This amazing movie is full of colorful and lush landscapes […]

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