Duckweed is a story that focuses on the relationship between a son and his father. Resenting his father for the way he was treated growing up, Xu Tailang becomes the world’s best driver, an occupation that his father never supported, and wins the 2022 China Rally Championship. Specific circumstances come into play, and Tailang is somehow sent back in time […]

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The story of the film “Gook” revolves around 3 central characters. The beginning of the movie introduces us to arguably the most central character to the story, 11-year old African-American girl named Kamilla (Simone Baker). Later, two Korean-American brothers, Eli (Justin Chon), and Daniel (David So) are revealed as having grown up in a neighborhood where they are seen as […]

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When Marnie Was There

“When Marnie Was There” is yet another movie produced produced by Studio Ghibli. Although I am not overly familiar with the studio or its productions like many people who had gone to view the movie (this is the third Ghibli movie I’ve seen), it is very clear that they never seem to falter when it comes to creating a visually […]

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