Overall, I really enjoyed the Hawaii International Film Festival. It was really cool to be able to see movies from all over the world. Especially, since I am Japanese, I was very happy to get to see all the Japanese movies I missed. I saw five movies at the HIFF; Hana’s Miso … [Read…]

Meeting Tadanobu Asano

     Tadanobu Asada is a Japanese actor known for his Hollywood movies such as Thor and the Battleship. He attended the red carpet event at the Hawaii International Film Festival to receive his Maverick Awards. He also attended his movie’s premiere and I got a chance to see it and ask him a question. … [Read…]

Meeting Ryoko Hirosue

Ryoko Hirosue is a Japanese actress and heroine of her movie called Hana’s Miso Soup. She came to visit the Hawaii International Film Festival for her movie’s premiere and to receive her Career Achievement Award. I went to see her movie Hana’s Miso Soup at her premiere. She looked exactly the same as I saw … [Read…]

100 Yen Love

     100 Yen is a Japanese movie released in 2014 only in Japan. Although the movie does not have any famous actors and actresses, it won many movie awards and was chosen for Japanese official entry for Academy Awards in the Foreign Language Film category. The story is about how boxing changes a woman in … [Read…]