Wrap Analysis

  Unfortunately I was only able to attend one of the films with HIFF because that week was an incredibly busy week for me and I thought that there were still films the following weekend, which there were, but on outer islands. I chose the film Downsizing as one of the films because of the … [Read…]

HIFF bringing us together

What a great experience!! It was such a great experience being press, the location of the event is great and brings togetherness for not only students but the filmmakers and watchers. An opportunity for us Hawai’i folk to embrace the international styles and artistic creations for such a fun event. So bummed I didn’t take … [Read…]

HIFF Flashback

Throw back to my very first time at the event. HIFF has come a long way. So amazing to see the accomplishments and support with this event. So many creatives and so much aloha. Grateful to experience and be a part of the Press. The volunteers are inviting, speakers are encouraging and films are beautiful.

Downsizing Review

Was able to watch the film Downsizing. Such a great film! I was so fond of this movie because it managed to make light and bring the audiences subconscious to genuinely analyze the concept and themselves in life without being told to do so literally. The movie was able to execute comedy in such a … [Read…]