HIFF 2017: Wrap Up

This year at HIFF, I had the privilege to watch four films: Lady Bird, I, Tonya, The Tea Explorer, and Go For Broke: An Origin Story.  The film I enjoyed the most was I, Tonya, because of the spectacular acting, well delivered jokes and humor. As an overall experience, I definitely enjoyed Go For Broke the most, as … [Read…]

HIFF 2017: Go For Broke: An Origin Story

“…but will they tell us what ‘go for broke’ even means?”, my friend asks as we sit down for the closing night film for HIFF, Go For Broke. I was in shock, as I had grown up learning about Japanese internment and the 442nd Regiment’s motto. She told me in her New Jersey schools, they learned … [Read…]

HIFF 2017: I, Tonya

I was born in 1996, and Tonya Harding’s “incident,” as it is referred to in the film, happened in 1994, so I missed out on the pop culture landscape this film takes place in. I had a vague awareness of some figure skater sabotaging the competition at some point in time, but I had no … [Read…]

HIFF 2017: Lady Bird

When you Google search “coming of age movies,” the majority of the first results all revolve around male characters. What makes Lady Bird so refreshing is the fact this story has a leading female role. Her character is allowed to be rebellious, without losing her feminine side. She has relationship arcs, but they aren’t the … [Read…]

A Royal Night Out

When I first saw the title of this movie and the one sentence synopsis in the HIFF, I laughed at the thought of going to see such a cheesy movie. However, my friends persuaded me to go, so I watched the trailer, and I must admit, I was very pleasantly surprised! It actually looked super … [Read…]


“Foodies” is a documentary about the fine dining subculture of blogging food critics who travel the world to visit the best restaurants. It follows five different foodies all from different countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Lithuania, Thailand, and Hong Kong. Four out of the five were experienced and established foodies, while one … [Read…]