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Coming home

Coming home is a drama about a loving couple separated by the cultural revolution in China. Comrade Fang, the wife, and Comrade Lu, the husband, were separated when their daughter Dandan was only 3 years old. Lu was a professor, and was jailed. Many years later Lu escapes, and tries to come home to his wife and daughter, but his daughter has strong […]

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Self Made

Self Made was about a Israeli and Palestinian woman who seem to live very different lives, but they end up intersecting and becoming so similar that they are interchangeable with one another. The woman from Israel, Michal is a famous artist who is so well known for her controversial artwork, but she is suffering from memory loss and cannot even […]

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loitering with intent

Loitering with Intent

Two aspiring actor/ directors, Dominic and Raphael finally think they’ve found their big break, but they just need to write the story. They convinced a producer with a $300,000 budget that they had a can’t miss story. They have 10 days to finalize the story, so they take themselves into nature to write begin the story that’s suppose to just […]

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