HIFF Wrap-Up Analysis

I ended up seeing 3 films at the 2016 Hawaii International Film Festival – “A Midsummer Hawaiian Dream,” “Score: A Music Documentary,” and “Hearing is Believing.” Two of these films were music themed, something I am very passionate about – so I chose them based off of pure intrigue. The third sounded entertaining based on … [Read…]

Hearing is Believing

“Hearing is Believing” provides wonderful insight into the unexpected. It tells the story of Rachel Flowers, a musical prodigy born without sight, and how she came to discover her passion. The film is produced quite beautifully, with very personal glimpses into Rachel’s life. The film is mostly about Rachel’s connection with music, and very little … [Read…]

Score: A Film Music Documentary

This documentary dove deep into the process of creating and formatting musical scores for film. It is a specialty department that often gets overlooked – the actors in any film are very important and deserve the credit and attention they get for it, but there is a lot that happens behind the scenes with films … [Read…]

A Midsummer’s Hawaiian Dream

The most surprising part of this film for me came before it actually started. Before “A Midsummer’s Hawaiian Dream,” there was a short film titled “The Lake.” It was no more than 15 minutes long, but was extremely powerful and quite traumatizing. It told the story of a middle-aged dad who tried to commit suicide … [Read…]