Thor: Ragnarok Review

Thor: Ragnarok was one of the best movies I have seen all year. The storyline is engaging and the visual effects leave a lasting impression. But even if you aren’t a huge fan of Marvel or you haven’t seen the past movies in the series, you can still enjoy this film with out the feeling … [Read…]

‘The Gangster’s Daughter’ Review

I come from the era where films such as The Godfather (1,2, and 3) , Scarface, and Goodfellas weren’t only the best gangster movies, they were the best movies period. Excuse me if my standard for a gangster film is a little high but I wasn’t impressed by ‘The Gangster’s Daughter’ and I left the … [Read…]

Dear HIFF…

The Brooklyn poet Shawn Corey Carter, better known as Jay-Z, is my favorite artist in the world. My favorite song from my favorite artist is ‘Dear Summer.’ In this song, Jay-Z raps about how he isn’t going to drop an album in the summer anymore. He talks about how he is going to miss summer … [Read…]

Phillips and Zoe Don’t Miss, ‘The Bone Of A Whale’ is splendid.

‘The Bone Of A Whale’ was my favorite movie at the 36th Annual Hawai’i International Film Festival. The dynamic duo of Phillips Payson and Zoe Eisenberg followed their amazingly, quirky film ‘Throuple’ from last year’s HIFF, with another unorthodox, fun film. If you didn’t see ‘Throttle’, you can see my review for it here: “Throuple” What’s … [Read…]

And The Winner Is… (Part 2)

On November 15th, The 36th Annual Hawaii International Film festival presented by Halekulani released the names of their Audience Award Winners. “The audience has spoken and chose films that truly encapsulate HIFF’s mission statement in promoting cultural understanding through cinema. Each of these films are cross-cultural stories that provide a glimpse into worlds and communities … [Read…]