A Lover’s Perspective on HIFF

A week has passed since the Hawaii International Film Festival has shown its last film for this year on Oahu. For the ten days HIFF was on Oahu, I only realize now how much of HIFF I have taken for granted. Ever since HIFF has passed, my fiancé Roland and I have been having a harder time deciding on where […]

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Toto Teaches Us All the Value of the American Dream

The American Dream symbolizes success and happiness. We all want it. We all strive for it. But what exactly is it? In the film Toto, David (Blake Boyd) tells Toto (Sid Lucero) that the American Dream is “the freedom to live however you want.” Isn’t that something everybody (regardless of being an American or not) wants? Throughout the film, we […]

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"We owe it to the Director"! Lion Film Premiere

LION: The Centerpiece Film

Lion follows the true story of Saroo Brierley, a wandering Indian boy who was separated from his Indian-born family and then later gets adopted into an Australian family. The film portrays the importance of family and identity, which are both the center of Saroo’s internal conflicts. The story begins with Saroo’s relationship with his older brother, Guddu. From the very […]

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Things to Come

In THINGS TO COME, Nathalie, a philosophy teacher, finds herself caught in a tidal wave of both past and present. From the very beginning of the movie, we are introduced to her everyday contrasts between the passionate youth of her students and the painful and ill age of her mother. We see the differences between her crumbling interaction with her […]

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