Appreciation Post

Thank you to the Honolulu International Film Festival for providing 36 years of wonderful films. Films that have stretched from Asia to Hawai’i. I am sure that Hawai’i is always grateful to have films that were created by many producers, be promoted and broadcasted here. Through HIFF many producers, directors, and actors were able to … [Read…]

A Midsummer’s Hawaiian Dream

This movie, and like many movies that caught the eye of anyone is about love. And to me, love will conquer all. Love is something that can either make or break you. Love is what makes us laugh and cry for someone, or something. Love is something that we all should experience, because without love, … [Read…]

Final Word Analysis

Being from this island and living here for 21 years (my whole life), and being apart of HPU for not only my four years of college, but also my sisters 4 years of college; its been a long run. And sadly, I was only able to learn about HIFF this up close my Senior Year … [Read…]

36 Years of Film – HIFF

The Honolulu International Film Festival have been just as they are saying, “supporting film and film makers for 36 years”. The HIFF crew is somewhat of an inspiration to me, all because they are trying to promote and share others dreams with the world. For now, 36 years of its existance that is what HIFF … [Read…]