Haider – Bollywood Hamlet

Haider is a Bollywood adaptation of Shakespeare’s Hamlet. It is director Vishal Bhardwaj’s third movie with a Shakespeare theme. The story of Hamlet is a great tragedy and Bhardwaj transports it to modern day India in 1995 right in the midst of the Kashmir conflict. Therefore this adaptation has a political background and meaning which makes it more than just […]

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Mudblood, sweat and tears

If in some point of your life you have ever come across anything related to J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter you might also recognize the word mudblood. It refers to regular people performing magical acts. And in some way that describes perfectly what this documentary is about. Regular college kids playing the magical game of Quidditch.   The books about Harry […]

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European films come to Hawaii

Hawaii International Film Festival is finally here. Before us we have lots of days filled with films from around the world. All taking place in Hawaii, a place where east meets west. Within the festival is another festival, a cousin of Hawaii International Film Festival (HIFF), called EuroCinema Hawaii. A festival that contains many interesting movies, including HIFF’s centerpiece film, […]

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