The main idea for this film review came to me when I decided to watch a movie, but the idea of doing a conventional written review felt wrong for this. One of my classes at HPU focus on analyzing movies to gain a greater understanding, but these things often leads to studying the film prior to seeing it. Some may […]

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YOSEMITE Lives in James Franco’s Childhood

By Silje Solland (Ebert Young Writers Participant) Set in 1985 and based on James Franco’s short stories from his collections, A California Childhood &Palo Alto, Yosemite is a visually stunning 4-part story about three boys exploring their feelings and imagination as they face the reality of adulthood and the threat of a mountain lion. Director Gabrielle Demesteree’s debut feature film manages […]

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AFTER THE WAVE Shows People Standing Together After Tragedy

By Silje Solland (Ebert Young Writers Participant) Over 250,000 people died in the devastating tsunami generated by an earthquake that hit Thailand on Christmas 2004. Somebody had to identify the bodies. AFTER THE WAVE is a collaborative documentary focusing on the stories of survivors, volunteers and the forensics that took upon the task to identify thousands of dead bodies, some left […]

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TRANSFATTY LIVES — Transcending Illness Through Filmmaking

By Silje Solland (Ebert Young Writers Participant) An internet phenomenon, an artist, an unconventional young adult. This was Patrick Sean O’Brien. He made interesting videos and had fans all over the United States praising him for his various projects ranging from hilarious sketches to mixing music. TRANSFATTY LIVES perfectly shows how a man can choose to live with the incurable disease of […]

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A Conversation with Lucy Alibar

Tuesday Nov. 4th, Creative Labs hosted an event at The Modern Hotel in Ilikai, with Oscar-nominated Lucy Alibar. She is famous for Beasts of The Southern Wild.  The event was free for all, and attracted writers and producers in various Hawaiian environments. After about an hour of interviewing Alibar, host Michael Pamieri opened up for a Q & A session […]

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A Conversation with Bernie Su – Creative Lab

Tuesday Nov. 4th, Creative Lab held an event with guest speaker Bernie Su. He is a talented director and storyteller most known from his interactive shows Frankenstein M.D and The Lizzie Bennet Diaries for PBS Digital Studios, based in Los Angeles. He had a presentation where he talked about how they have managed to make the audience a part of […]

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Kraftidioten – “In Order of Disappearence”

Snow, snow, more snow. This is probably the best way to summarize a regular winter in Norway. Ice cold temperatures and thick wintercoats. I can’t help but wonder about the funny rumor about Norway using polar bears as transportation in Norway is not that far from the truth. One movie I just had to see when I saw it was […]

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The protagonist - Hiro

Big Hero 6 – The Next “Frozen”? (no spoilers)

From Walt Disney Animation Studio comes the new addition to the family of Disney movies. Most of us remember when Frozen came out in 2013, and everyone was either humming or singing “Let It Go”. Now, a year later, a new movie is set to release this Friday and I had a chance to get a preview before the rest […]

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It has been a whole year since the highly popular Hawaii International Film Festival entered the island last time. Over 90 movies and documentaries rolling back to back has created an exciting world for the movie lovers out there. As well as being priviliged to watch movies that haven’t even been screened globally yet. Yesterday, Oct 30th, was the annual […]

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