Hawaii International Film Festival 2014: East meet west.

Find your HIFF Moment. That was the theme for this year 34th Hawaii International Film Festival. I have never attended a Film Festival before, and was really excited about it. Especially since the festival has a wide range of films from a lot of different cultures. HIFF is a festival were the east meet the west. During HIFF, I was […]

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A Bollywood take on Hamlet

I am not Indian nor of Indian descent, but I have travelled a bit in India and thereby created a penchant for Bollywood films. I have seen a few Bollywood films and yes – they are defiantly different from the big Hollywood productions but they have there own charm. The experience of watching a Bollywood film at an Indian cinema […]

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We Are The Giant

Hawaii International Film Festival has a lot of different documentaries on the list this year, one of them is ‘We Are The Giants’ directed by Greg Barker. Since late 2010, more than a dozen nations in the Arab world have experienced series of demonstrations, riots and revolutions, which began with demonstrations in Tunisia on 18.12.2010. We Are the Giant tells […]

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“In Order of Disappearance” – A Norwegian gangster comedy

“In Order of Disappearance” or “Kraftidioten” is terrific entertainment.  A whole Kon-Tiki crew, two Danes and a Swede are on board in the Norwegian gangster comedy. “In Order of Disappearance” is a black comedy about cold revenge directed by Hans Petter Moland and script written by Kim Fupz Aakeson. Of course I had to see the Norwegian film “In Order […]

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Beyond the Surface

India has over 7500 km (4600 miles) of coastline and why not use it for something as wonderful as surfing. I went to the to see ‘Beyond the Surface’. It is a documentary about surfing, yoga and spirituality in India. Crystal Thornburg-Homcy and her husband Dave Homcy from Hawaii, travelled to India to make a feature-length documentary about the surf scene. […]

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My First HIFF Moment: HIFF Opening Press Conference

HONOLULU, HI October 30, 2014. The HIFF Opening Press Conference was held at the Halekulani Hotel, Waikiki. It was the first press conference I have ever been attending. Hawaii Film Festival is properly not the most famous film festival, at least not for the Europeans. But HIFF is the festival where the east meets the west, in the middle of […]

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