HIFF Wrap Up

HIFF Wrap Up October 18, 2013 Just got back from the HIFF Closing Party at The Modern Hotel. I felt that I got to know the Modern, not in a weekend stay-cation sort of thing. But like Harry, Ron, and Hermoine weaving through the castle corridors at Hogwarts. What I’m trying to say is that … [Read…]

Dennis The Realist…

October 17, 2013 Dennis Leoni. He’s my coach — he’s a guy’s guy, with Mexican roots and a universal face. He looks Hapa-Japanese. His story into showbiz? Stuntman. True baller status. Dennis started falling off roofs and engaging in gunfights outside “Alamo-esque” settings in America’s Southwest. He had no writer’s programs, no internship. After working … [Read…]


Robert Lambeth Welcomes… Last night (10/15/13) I attended the opening reception for HIFF’s Creative Lab Writers Accelerator Program. As one of the 12 writers invited to the immersive four day program, it was great seeing the faces of the scripts that I’ve been reading over the past couple of days. (Georja, Robert, Michael) Prior to … [Read…]