HIFF Photo Gallery

This post is my photo gallery that I took during Hawaii International Film Festival. It was great experience for me, and I really enjoyed watching various kinds of films. The first two pictures are I took outside of the theater. There were some big ads outside. Therefore, I easily could find the place. The third … [Read…]

HIFF Final Wrap

It was my first time to go not only Hawaii International Film Festival (HIFF) but also a Film festival. Since my schedule was tight, I couldn’t go to media and press event. However, I saw three movies “The Infiltrators”, “Sorry We Missed You”, “Ride Your Wave” during HIFF. I like watching movies. That’s why I’m … [Read…]

Ride Your Wave

I would like to introduce the movie I watch on last Wednesday. The tittle of the movie is “Ride Your Wave”. This is a Japanese animation. I have been familiar with animation since I was a kid because of I’m a Japanese. The reason I saw it is that I was curious about the reaction … [Read…]

Sorry We Missed You

The same day I saw The Infiltrators, I saw one more movie. It is called “Sorry We Missed You”. The reason why I chose this movie is that it sounded interesting when I read a program guide. It says that this movie was directed by a famous British filmmaker, Ken Loach. The genre of the … [Read…]

The Infiltrators

I know it’s little bit late but let me introduce the movie I saw last Saturday.  The movie is called “The Infiltrators”. I don’t usually watch documentary movie because I like fiction story. However, I really enjoyed this movie. The story is about infiltration detention centre by undocumented young people. They were caught by border … [Read…]