Wrapped and Ranked

My First HIFF: Ranked I had some high ambitions going into my first HIFF. We could see a total of twenty movies for free with our press passes, and I had planned on seeing thirteen. Unfortunately, Reality called to check in and I really only made it to five. But what I lacked in quantity … [Read…]

Signal 100 Review

First off, let me start this by saying: WTF? This movie was absolutely ludicrous and I have so many questions but I would be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy it. I laughed so hard watching this movie I thought I was going to run out of air. Signal 100 is a Japanese drama/thriller/horror … [Read…]

The Aeronauts Review

I went to see the movie The Aeronauts on Monday, November 11th with Alicia Spotkaeff. This movie was visually stunning. The shots of the balloon thousands of feet in the air amongst the clouds were breathtaking and the sights they saw up there were awe-inspiring. I have never really been interested in going up in … [Read…]

Knives Out: A Review

Dedicated nurse Marta Cabrera is Mr. Harlan Thrombey’s caregiver and friend. But when he is found dead in his study with a slit throat, it’s clear a candlestick isn’t to blame. Marta gets swept up with Detective Blanc is the investigation of a lifetime. Will she be able to find out which of this billionaire’s … [Read…]

Jojo Rabbit Review

First of all, let me start this by saying that I LOVED it, it was an absolutely fantastic movie. Fair warning: SPOILERS! So, let’s start at the beginning because it was super freaking weird. The Beatles are probably one of the most iconic and recognizable bands of all time, and their song I Want to … [Read…]

And Then We Danced Review

And Then We Danced is a beautiful coming out film about a young Georgian dancer named Merab. This is not by any means what you could call a pretty film. The camera shakes and the silences are heavy, but these choices are very obviously deliberate and add a raw quality to the film that makes … [Read…]